Make your skin care products stand out on the market with
cosmetic gold

Serum bottle with cosmetic gold leaf by GoldCosmetica stands out between others
Our customers are cosmetics companies searching for new ingredients that are highly effective and make skin care products visually appealing.

As a certified manufacturer of cosmetic gold leaf, we show the product developers of these companies how to benefit from the effect and appearance of cosmetic gold to draw the customers’ attention directly to their skin care line.

GoldCosmetica is a certified manufacturer of cosmetic gold leaf:

GoldCosmetica certified manufacturer of cosmetic gold leaf logos

Cosmetic gold leaf - genuine gold specifically produced for cosmetic use

Cosmetic gold leaf is real gold that we produce in a specially created environment. We process the gold into flakes, powder and masks to be used in cosmetic products by cosmetics companies worldwide. With over 14 years of experience, our GoldCosmetica® products are based on our extensive knowledge and continuously evolving. Studies conducted by the Swiss Skin Test Institute confirm that our 24K gold leaf products improve skin up to 29%. To date, we had the pleasure to supply our products to over 280 cosmetic companies worldwide. If you want to enhance your skin care products with highly effective ingredients and add value to your brand, cosmetic gold is the ingredient you are looking for to make your products stand out in the market.
GoldCosmetica Made in Germany
GoldCosmetica clinically tested
GoldCosmetica GMP + HACCP certified
GoldCosmetica Conflict-free precious metals
GoldCosmetica Kosher certified
GoldCosmetica Vegan
GoldCosmetica No animal testing
GoldCosmetica Complies with EU regulations

The team at GoldCosmetica® can assist you in selecting the ideal gold component for your skin care product, which will capture the interest of potential customers and direct their attention towards your skin care line.


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3 major benefits of cosmetic gold leaf for cosmetic companies

GoldCosmetica Makes skin care products stand out on the market

Makes skin care products stand out on the market

Cosmetic manufacturers can take advantage of the allure that gold leaf possesses to make their skin care products stand out in the market, thereby capturing the interest of their target audience.

GoldCosmetica cosmetic gold leaf improves skin texture by up to 29 %

Improves skin texture and appearance by up to 29 %

Studies conducted by the Swiss Skin Test Institute prove the effectiveness of cosmetic gold leaf, giving cosmetic companies the opportunity to develop new and highly effective skin care products that will keep customers hooked to their brand long-term.

GoldCosmetica Increases the added value of your products

Increases the added value of your products

Incorporating cosmetic-grade gold into skin care and beauty products can add a touch of luxury and exclusivity, increasing the perceived value of your products in the eyes of consumers.

This is how skin care products with cosmetic gold leaf can look like

Cosmetic gold, silver, or platinum flakes and powder can easily be incorporated into various beauty products with a simple mixing tool, providing added aesthetic appeal to transparent skin care items such as gels and serums. The newfound visual allure is sure to captivate potential customers and draw them towards the product.

Skin care products with cosmetic gold leaf by GoldCosmetica

The eye, lip, face and body treatments made from pure cosmetic-grade gold leaf 999 (24K) can be combined with almost any cream or lotion suitable for the client’s skin type, offering the flexibility to offer them as a set. The gold masks can be used at home by the client or offered as a special treatment in a beauty salon.

Skin care products combined with masks made of cosmetic gold leaf by GoldCosmetica

Effects of Cosmetic-Grade Gold

The Swiss Skin Test Institute in Neuchâtel conducted studies that demonstrate the benefits of pure cosmetic gold leaf in improving skin appearance. Participants applied GoldCosmetica® pure cosmetic-grade gold leaf twice a day on healthy skin and experts documented the results after 4 and 8 weeks of application. The results revealed the following:

  • skin firmness was increased (+13% *, face)
  • skin scaliness was reduced (–29% *, forearms)
  • skin smoothness was increased (+14% *, forearms)

Additionally, a visible pigment reduction and thus a significant reduction of unwanted dark circles was noticed in the sensitive eye area.

  • the erythema index was reduced (–13.5% *, pigmentation reduction of dark circles)
  • the melanin index was reduced (–21% **, pigmentation reduction of dark circles)

* Very significant result versus baseline, ** Extremely significant result versus baseline.

Clinical studies about cosmetic gold leaf

It is important to note that the aforementioned studies were conducted using GoldCosmetica®’s pure cosmetic gold leaf, which is manufactured under cosmetic GMP in a specialized process to eliminate the possibility of heavy metal and non-cosmetic substance contamination.

If you are interested in learning more about the studies on cosmetic gold leaf to determine if it is suitable for your skincare line, please click the button and contact us for more information.

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Can cosmetic gold be used in make-up or other decorative beauty products?

At GoldCosmetica, we specialize in the production of cosmetic gold leaf for personal care cosmetics. Our products are not only ideal for skin care but can also be used by beauty and make-up artists to add a touch of glamour or some glitter to a make-up. If you want to add gold to decorative cosmetics, such as nail polish for example, we are happy to provide advice and guidance on product properties. Please reach out to us through our contact form for more information.