Studies on Cosmetic Gold Leaf

Cosmetic gold leaf not only impresses with its visual appeal, but also with its proven efficacy!
GoldCosmetica Studies on cosmetic gold leaf
The effects of cosmetic gold leaf on the skin were examined in several studies at the Swiss Skin Test Institute in Neuchâtel. Therefore, cosmetic gold leaf from GoldCosmetica was used which is produced under Cosmetic GMP in a specialized process to exclude contamination of heavy metals and non-cosmetic substances.

For the studies, participants applied GoldCosmetica gold leaf to healthy skin twice a day over a period of 8 weeks. The results were documented by experts after 4 and 8 weeks of application, revealing the following changes:

  • skin firmness was increased (+13% *, face)
  • skin scaliness was reduced (–29% *, forearms)
  • skin smoothness was increased (+14% *, forearms)
Furthermore, a noticeable reduction in pigmentation was observed in the delicate eye area, leading to a significant decrease in unwanted dark circles.
  • the erythema index was reduced (–13.5% *, pigmentation reduction of dark circles)
  • the melanin index was reduced (–21% **, pigmentation reduction of dark circles)
* Very significant result versus baseline, ** Extremely significant result versus baseline.
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