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Make your cosmetic products even more attractive through sustainability, transparency and fairness
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Your cosmetics brand is known for well-formulated, highly effective skin care products with carefully selected ingredients? Your customers trust in your production process to be sustainable, transparent and fair at all times?
At GoldCosmetica® you can now get cosmetic gold leaf made of fair mined gold on request. We will show you the steps to take so you can advertise your products with the FAIRMINED label and make them even more attractive to consumers.
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GoldCosmetica® is FAIRMINED Authorized Supplier

Today’s consumers are not only interested in how skin care products positively affect their skin, but also in how they are formulated and manufactured. This is why it is of great interest for cosmetic companies to question their ingredients and carefully select their suppliers. Transparency is key to gaining the trust of consumers and maintaining a long-term position on the market.

By offering GoldCosmetica® products made of certified Fairmined gold, we want to support this change towards more sustainability, transparency and fairness and give cosmetics companies the confidence to be transparent and honest about the ingredients they use and their origin.

These products are now available made of FAIRMINED certified gold:


FAIRMINED is a label that certifies gold from responsible small-scale mining organizations. It is a standard that ensures economic and social development, better working conditions and protection of the environment. It gives us all the opportunity to support responsible miners and have a positive impact on their communities.
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To be able to sell their gold with the FAIRMINED label, small-scale miners must meet the strict requirements of the Fairmined standard. The requirements include: official and legal mining activities, environmental protection, good working conditions, traceability of Fairmined metals and the support of social and economic development of the communities.

By buying FAIRMINED gold, we all support responsible mining, help miners improve their practices, give them access to fair markets and contribute to a positive change in their communities. In return, we receive certified gold – gold that can be processed and consumed with a clear conscience.

Traditional sourced gold vs. FAIRMINED gold

As a cosmetics company, do we have to feel bad if we decide against Fairmined gold? The answer is: No! As a modern gold leaf manufacturer, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and the environment. That’s why we make sure that even our traditional gold and silver comes from a proven conflict-free source.

We, the gold leaf manufacturer Eytzinger with its cosmetic division GoldCosmetica®, reject any activities, through which armed conflicts, extreme violence and human rights violations are directly or indirectly financed, supported or promoted. For this reason, we source our traditional precious metals from suppliers who are accredited with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and that are registered refiners and manufacturers of Good Delivery bars.

But what are the benefits of FAIRMINED then? Unlike our traditional gold, Fairmined Gold gives you the opportunity to promote your products on the market with a certified label. In doing so, you not only meet the desire of today’s generation for more transparency and fairness, but also get the chance to clearly communicate your modern and social corporate philosophy to your customers.

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Promoting products with the FAIRMINED label

If you want to offer your products containing our certified fair mined gold with the FAIRMINED label, you must register your company with Fairmined:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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