Cosmetic Raw Materials: Cosmetic Gold, Silver and Platinum

We specialize in producing genuine gold, silver, and platinum flakes and powders for the cosmetics industry. These flakes and powders are expertly crafted to be seamlessly mixed into cosmetic products, such as oils, creams, and serums. The addition of cosmetic-grade gold, silver, and platinum to these products adds significant visual value, which helps cosmetic brands stand out in the market and attract consumers.

Skin care products with cosmetic gold leaf by GoldCosmetica

Available Documents

  • Cosmetic GMP DIN EN ISO 222716
  • HACCP certificate
  • Product specification, MSDS
  • Cosmetic efficiency study - Skin Test Institute Switzerland
  • Human Patch Test – Institute Fresenius Germany
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Kosher certificate
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Discover the range of options available with GoldCosmetica's flakes and powders


The Different Compositions

14 years ago, a small idea was born out of a desire to keep our gold leaf factory thriving during the off-season. Today, that idea has blossomed into GoldCosmetica’s most beloved product category: our raw materials. Alongside the classics of gold 985, silver 999, and platinum 999, we offer an additional six unique compositions. With a total of nine stunning variations, the cosmetics industry can realize their product ideas in a visually appealing way.

For instance, a product with the label Gold 500 contains 50.0% pure gold. This clear labeling system makes it easy to choose the right product for your specific requirements.

Gold 500 GoldCosmetica

Gold 500

Gold 834 GoldCosmetica

Gold 834

Gold 889 GoldCosmetica

Gold 889

Gold 955 GoldCosmetica

Gold 955

Gold 975 GoldCosmetica

Gold 975

Gold 985 GoldCosmetica

Gold 985

Silver 999 GoldCosmetica

Silver 999

Platinum 999 GoldCosmetica

Platinum 999

Gold 500
Gold 834
Gold 889
Gold 955
Gold 970
Gold 975
Gold 985
Gold 985 (Fairmined)
Silver 999
Platinum 999

Did you notice that GoldCosmetica doesn’t offer pure gold 999 (24K) flakes and powders? In this brief article, we quick dive into the reasoning behind our decision and provide insights on why you should approach offers of 24 carat gold flakes with caution.


Each Composition Is Available In Different Particle Sizes

Flakes, Powder and Extra Fine Powder – during production, we beat the cosmetic gold, silver and platinum into wafer-thin sheets, before carefully grinding and sifting them into flakes and powders of different particle sizes. The different particle sizes can be divided into the following categories:

GoldCosmetica Particle sizes - flakes and powders made from gold, silver and platinum
FlakesNo. 5 (Standard)~ 2,5 mm
No. 6~ 1,0 mm
PowderNo. 7 (Standard)~ 600 microns
No. 8~ 425 microns
No. 9~ 400 microns
Extra fine PowderNo. 14~ 60 microns
Micro MeshNo. 0~ 130 mm diameter

Calculating Quantities

For those interested in using GoldCosmetica’s cosmetic raw materials, it’s important to know the proper mixing ratio for optimal results. After years of experience, we recommend using a range of 10 to 100 grams of our gold, silver, and platinum flakes and powders per 1000 liters of product. This ratio is guaranteed to create a visually appealing effect.

GoldCosmetica Cosmetic Raw Materials Gold, Silver, Platinum Packaging

But how much is 10 – 100 grams? And how will the final product look like?

To give you a glimpse of how our raw materials can enhance the visual appeal of your products, we’ve prepared samples with various mixing ratios. The flasks illustrate, from left to right, the differences in appearance when using 10g, 50g, and 100g of flakes, powder, and extra fine powder per 1000 liters of product. For a more unique effect, different particle sizes can also be mixed together. The samples below feature our gold 985 composition.

Note: Depending on the viscosity of your product, the flakes and powder may settle at the bottom over time. To evenly distribute them again, simply shake the flask. We are always happy to share product-specific insights, so feel free to get in touch with us through our contact form.

Flakes No. 5
GoldCosmetica gold flakes 5 in serum
Powder No. 7
GoldCosmetica gold powder 7 in serum
Extra Fine Powder No. 14
GoldCosmetica gold powder 14 in serum
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