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Why are there no 24K gold flakes for cosmetics?

Why are there no 24K gold flakes for cosmetics? Gold piles

One question that we get asked a lot is why Gold Cosmetica produces and offers 24K gold eye pads, lip masks and facial & body treatments, but no 24K gold flakes.

The answer is simple:

During the production process, we first beat the cosmetic gold into very thin leaves, and then either process it into eye pads, lip masks, face masks and body treatments, or grind and sift it into flakes and powders of various particle sizes.

Since pure 24 karat gold (999) does not contain any additional components, the thin leaves are very soft and almost “sticky”.

This is called a cohesion. The cohesive forces are from electrical origin and are also known as van der Waals forces named after the Dutch physicist Van der Waals.

These forces are not a problem with the eye pads, the lip mask, the face mask as well as the body treatment. The super thin, 24 karat gold leaves are separated in the packaging by a carrier paper, which prevents them from sticking together.

With pure 24K gold leaf flakes, on the other hand, clumping generally occurs. The flakes stick together and are not recommended for later use in a cosmetic formulation.

But there is a solution

Since we do not want to offer any defective products to our customers in the cosmetics industry, we have developed a solution:

With the alloy Gold 985 we offer an optimized flake for cosmetics. It consists of 98.5% gold and a tiny amount of copper and silver, which makes the material slightly harder and thereby positively changes the cohesive forces. As a result, the cosmetic gold leaf does not stick together and the final gold flakes have an excellent volume.

The result are high quality and visually flawless gold flakes for your cosmetic formulation.

Particle size recommendation

If you want to give your product an exclusive gold shimmer, we recommend our powder No 7. However, if you want the gold to be clearly visible in your cosmetic product, our flake No 5 is very likely the product you are looking for.

Here you can find an overview of all Gold Cosmetica particle sizes and the different cosmetic alloys available.

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