Facial Treatment made of genuine cosmetic gold leaf

The Facial Treatment Gold 999 (24K) is made from genuine gold leaf, produced in our GMP and HACCP certified gold beating factory in Germany. Studies conducted by the Swiss Skin Test Institute in Neuchâtel prove that GoldCosmetica Gold Treatments show significant results. Unlike conventional peel-off or sheet masks, the 24K gold face mask is used in combination with a face cream. Providing clients with a luxurious feeling, a facial treatment with authentic gold leaf elevates your skin care line and makes it stand out in the market.

It is recommended to offer the Gold Facial Treatment in combination with a cream that suits your client’s skin type.

GoldCosmetica facial treatment Gold 999 (24K) in combination with face cream

Available documents

  • Cosmetic study on the effect of gold on the skin - Skin Test Institute Switzerland
  • Cosmetic GMP DIN EN ISO 222716
  • HACCP certificate
  • Product specification, MSDS
  • Human Patch Test – Institute Fresenius Germany
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Kosher certificate
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Application of the Facial Treatment

The Gold 999 Facial Treatment is easy to apply and can be used both in a beauty salon and at home. Unlike peel-off or sheet masks, the 24K gold mask is not removed at the end of the treatment, but instead massaged into the skin. This leaves small gold particles on the skin, providing a radiant glow (as seen in the video). It is recommended to offer the mask together with a face cream that is suitable for your client’s skin type. For more information on the best formulation types to use, please refer to our blog article ‘How to apply cosmetic gold leaf on skin‘.


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Effect of GoldCosmetica® Facial Treatment Gold 999 (24K)

GoldCosmetica® Facial Treatment Gold 999 has been tested by the Swiss Skin Test Institute, which demonstrated its effectiveness in improving skin appearance. The study involved the application of GoldCosmetica’s cosmetic gold leaf on healthy skin for 8 weeks, with experts analyzing the changes after 4 and 8 weeks of use.

  • skin firmness was increased (+13% *, face)
  • skin scaliness was reduced (–29% *, forearms)
  • skin smoothness was increased (+14% *, forearms)

And there is more: further studies have shown that regular treatment with GoldCosmetica cosmetic gold leaf leads to a visible pigmentation reduction and thus a significant reduction of dark circles in the sensitive under-eye area.

  • the erythema index (red hue) was reduced in a statistically significant way (–13.5% *, pigmentation reduction of dark circles)
  • the melanin index (brown hue) was reduced in a statistically significant way (–21% **, pigmentation reduction of dark circles)

(* very significant result versus baseline; ** extremely significant result versus baseline)

Clinical studies about cosmetic gold leaf

Chemical composition

The Facial Treatments are available in gold 999 (24K) and silver 999.


Leaf size

50 x 50 mm
Individual leaf sizes on request

Packaging units

  • Envelope with 4 leaves
  • Envelope with 6 leaves
  • Envelope with 8 leaves
  • Envelope with 12 leaves
  • As the manufacturer we offer individual equipped envelopes on request
GoldCosmetica facial treatment Gold 999 (24K) back and front of packaging

Neutral & Private Label

From a minimum quantity of 500 units, we offer the Facial Treatment with neutral / private label.

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