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Is cosmetic gold leaf safe for the skin?

Is cosmetic gold leaf safe for the skin? Icons

Important information for developers of skin care products

As the producers of cosmetic gold leaf since 15 years, we often receive questions about whether gold is harmful in cosmetics, if cosmetic gold leaf can be used without concerns in skin care products and how the material affects the skin’s appearance in the long term. In this article we summarized the key information for you.

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Just one thing in advance: all tests and studies we refer to in this article were done with cosmetic gold leaf from Gold Cosmetica, which is produced according to cosmetic GMP in a special process. 

This explicitly excludes contamination by heavy metals and non-cosmetic substances. Therefore, the effect of the product is guaranteed and tested for cosmetic use.

So let’s get started and answer your questions

In human patch tests conducted at the Fresenius Institute in Germany Gold Cosmetica’s cosmetic gold leaf appeared to be harmless with regard to any skin-irritating effects.

No reactions of concern that might indicate a primary irritating effect of cosmetic gold leaf on the skin were detected.

But there is more ...

Cosmetic gold leaf also proved to be highly effective against skin aging. The test results of the clinical studies conducted by the Swiss Skin Test Institute give clear proof.

For the studies, cosmetic gold leaf was tested on healthy skin. The effects were documented after 4 and 8 weeks of application showing the following results:

  • The skin firmness was increased (+13 %*, face)
  • The skin scaliness was reduced (-29 %*, forearms)
  • The skin smoothness was increased (+14 %*, forearms)
  • The erythema index was reduced (-13 %*, pigmentation reduction of dark circles)
  • The melanin index was reduced (-21 %**, pigmentation reduction of dark circles)

*Very significant result versus baseline. **Extremely significant result versus baseline.

Compared to the baseline, these were significant improvements achieved by using cosmetic gold leaf on the skin.

But please do not just believe my word …

Instead, take a look at the study results from the Swiss Skin Test Institute yourself.

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Clinical studies about cosmetic gold leaf

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