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You will be amazed by how easy you can enhance the value of your cosmetic product by incorporating cosmetic gold, silver, and platinum flakes and powders. This will attract more customers to your products. You can easily blend all Gold Cosmetica raw materials into your cosmetic formulation using a blunt mixing tool, as demonstrated in the video below.


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Will gold, silver and platinum remain in suspension?

Cosmetic gold, silver and platinum flakes and powders can transform transparent cosmetic products like serums, oils, tonics and perfumes into captivating eye-catchers. The extent to which these shimmering raw materials remain suspended or settle to the bottom over time is influenced by the viscosity of your product.

In gel-like formulations, the flakes and powders typically remain suspended, while in liquid formulations, they tend to slowly sink to the bottom. The settling process is faster in thinner products. However, simply shaking the vessel is sufficient to redistribute the flakes and powders evenly throughout the product.


For optimal distribution of Gold Cosmetica’s cosmetic raw materials, including gold, silver, and platinum, we advise maintaining a constant motion of the product during the filling process. By slowly stirring the mixture, you can prevent the flakes and powder from settling at the bottom and ensure an even distribution among all vessels.

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