cosmetic gold leaf colors

Gold - Silver - Platinum Essentials

Cosmetic grade flakes, powders and extra fine powders produced specifically for cosmetic purposes in a controlled artisanal process.

Made in Germany.

Available particle sizes:

Gold flakes, powder and extra fine powder
Particle sizeNo. 5 - standard~ 2,5 mm
No. 6~ 1,0 mm

Additional sizes on request

Particle sizeNo. 7 - standard~ 600 microns
No. 8~ 425 microns
No. 9~ 400 microns

Additional sizes on request

Particle sizeNo. 14~ 60 microns
Particle sizeNo. 0~ 130 mm diameter

Irregular sized leaves

Available products and components:

cosmetic gold leaf colors
Gold 500
Gold 834
Gold 889
Gold 955
Gold 970
Gold 975
Gold 985
Silver 999
Platinum 999

Components Gold 500 indicates a product that contains 50% gold. Other designations in the line follow this system.

Documents available:

  • Cosmetic GMP DIN EN ISO 222716 HACCP
  • Product specification, MSDS
  • Human Patch Test – Institute Fresenius Germany
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Chemical composition:


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Gold, silver and platinum are an added value in cosmetics and draw the customer's attention specifically to your products

Let’s face it: skin care products are a dime a dozen.

The reason why you may not yet have achieved the sales with your product that you would like to, or that you know that other competitors are making, may be that your product does not sufficiently stand out on the market.

But this is about to change …

The cosmetic raw materials from Gold Cosmetica give your skin care products that certain something, with the aim of drawing the customer’s attention to your products and thus increasing your sales in the long term.

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We will be happy to give you individual consultation on your products and help you find the right cosmetic raw material - gold, silver or platinum - for your skincare range.

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Important information on the ratio of cosmetic gold, silver and platinum in skin care products

You’ll be thrilled to see how easy it is to add visual value to skin care products with cosmetic gold, silver and platinum, and how suddenly significantly more customers will be interested in your products.

All GoldCosmetica flakes and powders can easily be mixed into your cream or serum using a blunt mixing tool.

We recommend using approximately 10 – 50 grams of our GoldCosmetica raw materials per 1000 liters of your product.

To be able to guarantee an even distribution of the cosmetic raw materials gold, silver and platinum in the product during the filling process, we recommend keeping the product in constant motion.

A slow stirring motion prevents flakes and powder from settling to the bottom and ensures even distribution among the vessels.

We will be happy to help you find the perfect ratio of cosmetic gold, silver and platinum for your products.

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Round off your product range and offer your customers an exclusive booster with cosmetic gold leaf

Gold Cosmetica masks work effectively against skin aging. Click on one of the products now to learn more!

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