Eytzinger and GoldCosmetica - Unique Commitment to Cosmetic Gold Safety

J.G. Eytzinger GmbH holds an exclusive position in  the world of cosmetics as the only supplier of qualified, certified safe cosmetic gold leaf, gold flakes and gold powder.     
We are pleased to report, that our entire GoldCosmetica product line has  passed its annual GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) external audit. Performed by internationally recognized Pfeiffer Consulting Pforzheim , Germany ( www.pfeiffer-consulting.com ) the review enables us to maintain compliance with cosmetic GMP-DIN EN ISO 22716, essential for national and international quality assurance.     
GoldCosmetica passed all safety inspections with complete approval , demonstrates safe cosmetic production , up- to - date professional training for improved production flow, and implements New Cosmetic Product Regulations (EC) No 1223/2009

GoldCosmetica is proud to be the one and only GMP approved European Cosmetic Gold Leaf producer. 

February 2012